(Balberith, Baalberith, Beal, Belfry, Bofi, Bolfri, Elberith)
   FALLEN ANGEL. Berith appears as a man wearing a soldier’s uniform and a golden crown and riding a red horse.
   As an angel, Berith was prince of the order of cherubim. As a DEMON, he serves as a master of ceremonies, duke, and grand pontiff in HELL, presiding over 26 LEGIONs of demons. He notarizes PACTs with the DEVIL. Berith was important to some alchemists, who believed he had the power to transmute all base metals into gold. He was tricky to conjure, however, and had to be summoned with magic rings bearing his SEAL. He was known for making great promises, but also for being a great liar.
   One conjuration spell for Berith calls for bleeding a black chicken at a CROSSROADS on a Monday night. The conjurer promises out loud, “Berith will do all my work for 20 years and I shall recompense him.” Alternately, the pledge can be written on parchment with the chicken’s BLOOD. Berith will appear and do as commanded—but he will claim his reward, the conjuror’s soul, in 20 years’ time.
   Berith was named as a key demon in the famous AIXEN-PROVENCE POSSESSIONS in France in 1611.

Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. . 2009.

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