Devil’s Advocate, The

Devil’s Advocate, The
   Horror film about a young, ambitious attorney who is seduced and deceived by the DEVIL. Directed by Taylor Hackford, the film stars Al Pacino as John Milton, the Devil in disguise, and Keanu Reaves as Kevin Lomax. Charlize Theron plays Lomax’s wife, Mary Ann.
   Lomax is a defense attorney representing an accused child molester on trial. He knows his client is guilty, but he destroys the prosecution’s witness and his client is acquitted. He is immediately approached by Milton, partner in the world’s most powerful law firm, Milton, Chadwick & Waters, with a tantalizing job offer. He accepts. He is assigned questionable cases involving guilty people and wins them all. Milton offers to relieve him of cases, but he declines, in a fever of winning at all costs. Meanwhile, Milton rapes Mary Ann and she has a psychotic break. Lomax commits her to a mental ward, where she commits suicide. He then learns from his mother that Milton is really his father. He confronts Milton and learns the truth, that Milton is also SATAN. Horrified, he tries to shoot Milton, but the bullets do no harm. Milton tells Lomax that he wants him to have sex with Lomax’s half sister, Christabella, to conceive the ANTICHRIST. But Lomax thwarts the plan by committing suicide himself.
   The action shifts back to the opening of the child molestation trial, but with a different outcome. Lomax, overcome by his own conscience, decides to step down from representation, even though he is likely to be disbarred. He is approached by a journalist who wants to interview him, saying the story will make him a star. Lomax agrees and exits the courthouse. The reporter shape shifts into Milton and says, “Vanity—definitely my favorite sin.”

Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. . 2009.

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