Gold-Finding Hen

Gold-Finding Hen
   A ritual for finding gold involving evocation of a DEMON. The Gold-Finding Hen ritual was popular with alchemists in the 18th and 19th centuries. The ritual tells how to hatch a magical hen, a black pullet, that can be commanded to search out hidden gold and other treasures. There are different versions of the ritual in various GRIMOIRES, or magical handbooks. The Red Dragon (1822) tells how to do it with a demon’s help. Secure a black hen that has never mated and do so without making the hen cackle. Take it to a CROSSROADS at midnight and trace a magic circle around you with a cypress rod. Say three times, “Eloim, Essaim, frugativi et appellavi.” After making ritual movements, a demon will appear in a scarlet overcoat, a yellow vest, and pale green breeches. His head will be that of a dog, his ears those of an ass; his head will have two horns, and he will have the legs and hooves of a calf. The demon will ask for your orders, which he must obey at all costs. You can direct the demon to find treasures.
   - Wright, Elbee. The Book of Magical Talismans/The Black Pullet. Minneapolis: Marlar, 1984.

Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. . 2009.

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