Angel of wrath, fury, and destruction who governs the death of domestic animals. According to Jewish lore, Hemah lives in the seventh heaven; he is 500 parasangs tall and is made of chains of black and red fire. A parasang is a Persian unit of measurement used to describe the dimensions of the heavens and the distances between them, and the heights of angels. One parasang equals approximately 3.88 miles.
   In the Zohar, Hemah is one of three angels in Gehenna (see HELL)—along with Af and Mashit—who punish those who sin by idolatry, incest, and murder. Hemah swallows Moses with the help of his brother angel Af. God intervenes and forces him to spit Moses out again. Moses then kills Hemah.

Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. . 2009.

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