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  • Kakabel — (Kabaiel, Kochab, Kochbiel, Kokbiel)    ANGEL who is both good and evil. In 1 Enoch, Kakabel is a FALLEN ANGEL who commands 365,000 DEMONs and teaches astrology. In the Sefer Raziel, Kakabel is a high angel and prince who rules over stars and… …   Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

  • Kokabiel — (Kabiel, Kakabiel, Kochab, Kochbiel, Kokbiel)    FALLEN ANGEL also described as a good angel. Kokabiel means “star of God.” In 1 Enoch Kokabiel is a fallen angel who commands 365,000 DEMONs.    In 3 Enoch he is prince of the stars, commanding 365 …   Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

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