DEMON among the 31 AERIAL SPIRITS OF SOLOMON. Barmiel is the first and chief spirit under CASPIEL and rules as a king of the South. He commands 10 dukes during the daytime and 20 during the night to do his bidding and the bidding of an EXORCIST. Each duke has 20 servants, except four of the night dukes, who have none. The eight primary dukes of the daytime are Sochas, Tigara, Chansi, Keriel, Acteras, Barbil, Carpiel, and Manoi. The eight primary dukes of the nighttime are Barbis, Marguns, Canilel, Acreba, Morcaza, Baaba, Gabio, and Astib.

Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. . 2009.

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