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  • Berith — This article is about Berith (or Beherit) the demon. For the black metal band see Beherit (band). For the god see Berith (god). For the item in Berserk, see Behelit In demonology, Berith is a Great Duke of Hell, powerful and terrible, and has… …   Wikipedia

  • Beherit —    DEMON who is a great duke of HELL commanding 26 LEGIONs of lesser demons. Beherit has red skin and appears as a soldier wearing a crown and riding a red horse. He gives true answers about things past, present, and future and can turn metals… …   Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

  • Berith — (Balberith, Baalberith, Beal, Belfry, Bofi, Bolfri, Elberith)    FALLEN ANGEL. Berith appears as a man wearing a soldier’s uniform and a golden crown and riding a red horse.    As an angel, Berith was prince of the order of cherubim. As a DEMON,… …   Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

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