DEMON among the 31 AERIAL SPIRITS OF SOLOMON. Symiel rules as a king in the northeast, with 10 dukes during the day and 1,000 during the night. The daytime dukes have 720 servants each, and the night dukes have 790 servants each. The daytime dukes are good-natured, but the nighttime dukes are stubborn and resist commands. The 10 major dukes of the day are Asmiel, Chrubas, Vaslos, Malgron, Romiel, Larael, Achol, Bonyel, Dagiel, and Musor. The 10 dukes of the night are Mafrus, Apiel, Curiel, Molael, Arafos, Marlano, Narzael, Murahe, Rhicel, and Nalael.

Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. . 2009.

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